I spent my early 20s struggling with chronic back pain, which limited many aspects of my life. Most days it was manageable but even on the good days I would have to be cautious about how I chose to spend my time. Continue reading. . . 


Jake McCann, heavyweight office worker of Adelaide. Age: 21. Weight: 126kg. Height: 183cm; 178cm when slouched. Reach: yet to raise arm for measurement. Win/Loss Record: TBA. Belt: 40in and counting. Verdict: Fat. Continue reading. . .


Best gym I have ever been to. Awesome staff and really friendly patrons in the gym and pool. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks guys.


Great location! Friendly staff! Clean pool! Affordable prices!


Peter, Zina and Steph make going to gym very palatable and interesting.


If anyone is looking for a new gym, this place is a must! It’s not your typical gym, you are left alone to do you own thing, but when you need assistance they are more than happy to help. They have certainly helped my progress and my confidence


Best place to lap swim in Adelaide due to easy parking and NO kids. Good people run the place.


Through dedicated support and genuine care, Peter and the Freedom Fitness team have given me the freedom that years of poor eating and choices robbed me of. Thank you from the bottom of my greatly reduced stomach!


More than just a gym, Peter and his staff will help you through your goals and support you in any way. It’s a nice community, come and join the family. You wont regret it.


I just wanted to say, thank you for your excellent service there, and compliment you on your friendly staff. Myself and a work colleague joined last week and we have really enjoyed the few classes that we have done and the good vibe at your gym due to the staff you have. 

Personally speaking, I have done very little exercise in the past few years and have really let myself go and it was time to do something about it. Your gym is different to others that I have been to in the past, in that everyone is welcomed regardless of fitness levels and body shape.

I look forward to getting to the gym more often and am really happy to have come to your friendly gym. Zina’s classes have been great and she is such a positive friendly trainer that it makes you want to return, which is a positive thing and more importantly what I need to do!

Many thanks for welcoming us into your Gym, Best Wishes, Andrew 


How to define Freedom Fitness? Hmmm…..A unique blend between:

  • Purpose – with the freedom to define this for yourself, or as part of the Freedom community
  • People – featuring a passionate and engaged team who know their stuff, and know their crowd – and it’s a great crowd
  • Place – both a gym AND pool together in one great CBD location
  • Pulse – there is a distinctive vibe, a feel – a culture. Feel free to zone out if you wish – or you can connect with it on your terms

In summary, it’s great and I enjoy it immensely – how can we keep all this to ourselves?

Daryl – Occasional attendee


After many years at various gyms I have finally settled on Freedom Fitness and have regularly attended for the last five years. The gym opens early which suits my needs. Although compact, the gym has the range of equipment that enables me to vary my program for aerobic workouts, with any combination of bike, treadmill, rowing, swimming and cross training to anaerobic, with supported and/or free weights as desired.

The staff are dedicated, helpful and passionate about health and fitness and impart their knowledge and skills with enthusiasm, drive and generosity. They are refreshingly, authentic!

The clientele is a delightful mix of mature, multinational, multigendered, dedicated followers of fitness! The rigorous activity in the morning is blended with humour and friendly banter which is both engaging and encouraging. I find it heart-warming and comforting that so many people do wake up with good cheer and dedication to the hard work of becoming and being fit and healthy.

Freedom Fitness is where I find my tribe. I recommend it for anyone keen to succeed in improving and maintaining their fitness.