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It is estimated that Australians go through a staggering 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year, and with the majority ending up in either a landfill or the ocean, our takeaway caffeine addiction has become detrimental to the environment. What a lot of people don’t realise is most disposable coffee cups have a plastic lining made from polyethylene to make them waterproof. This thin layer of plastic means disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled with paper products, nor do they biodegrade. In fact, that plastic lining means your coffee cup may just outlive you and me.
So we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you a Stainless Steel Freedom Keep Cup – not only will it keep your coffee warm for up to 3 hours but you can also use it to keep your water cold for up to 3 hours! How good is that!
Check out the colours below and order your Freedom Keep Cup Today. Only $20! ( current order form link)


Black, Blue – Light, Blue – Dark, Yellow, Red, Aqua, Green – Light, Silver, Pink, Purple


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