My Story – Jake McCann

Jake McCann, heavyweight office worker of Adelaide. Age: 21. Weight: 126kg. Height: 183cm; 178cm when slouched. Reach: yet to raise arm for measurement. Win/Loss Record: TBA. Belt: 40in and counting. Verdict: Fat.

Finishing high school at a healthy weight of 88kg, I ventured into the world of insurance at the age of 18, and with the role, came benefits, including the “10kg curse”. By the end of my first 6 months in the role, I was already 98kg. Luxurious eating continued at a barnstorming pace and by my 21st birthday, I caved in floors at 126kg. Damn you *insert popular fast-food chicken outlet*!

With pride at stake (whatever remained), I joined a franchise gym next to the office. That endeavor ended not long after. Running on a treadmill hurt and I had no clue as to what to do with the various other machines. Being shy also meant I didn’t ask a professional for any help. Membership canceled.

I then proceeded to change my diet. Less junk, more measured meals. Home brand instant oats for only $2 – woohoo. Between my 21st Birthday in September 2015 and August 2017, I was able to cut down 10kg in this fashion; but still struggled with most forms of exercise, let alone getting a restful sleep each night.

I proposed to my girlfriend in March 2017 and due to be married on November 3rd, 2018. 116kg was not good enough and I vowed I would be under 100kg come that day. More was required than just a change in diet. Goal and deadline set.

Giving a gym another go was daunting. I may have been lighter, but I was sure to make a fool of myself as I attempted to run and lift. Step 1: research. Looking up the Freedom Fitness website, I got to know Peter and the other staff through their profiles on the website. Step 2: approach Peter and plead for help.

“Help, I am fat, I hate how I look, and I am too shy and ignorant to know how to fix it”. I must have made a good first impression when I met Pete…

Within 5 minutes, I was signed up for Freedom Fitness; and the next day I was in the gym with Pete, going through the functions of each machine, putting together a workout plan/routine.

Two days a week turned into three; and then four, and now five. 10 minutes walking on a treadmill turned into 10-minute jogs, and now 30 minute jogs for fun. Three standalone pushups turned into ten, and now 3 sets of 10 in amongst full routines.

Once attending Freedom Fitness on a regular basis, the greatest obstacle I faced was the extent of my own willpower. I cannot run another minute. I cannot do another set. That isn’t freedom; but rather prison bars put up in an attempt to return to the old Jake. Pete and the team instill the kind of Freedom everyone needs; the ability to live and live well.

Over the last 12 months, with the fervent support of the wise wizard Peter and the forever charismatic Zina, I have drastically improved not only my physical appearance

and aptitude; but also my emotional and mental state. Their wholehearted methods of coaching will exceed any expectation; and I guarantee you will walk away with a new view of the world and your life; a healthier life.

In 12 months, I have dropped 20kg, to now weigh in at 96kg. With continued support, I have no doubt these numbers will continue to improve – 90kg by the wedding doesn’t seem so far fetched…

My experience has been fantastic. I approached Freedom Fitness knowing I needed to change my life around, for me, and my fiancée. Through sweat covered eyes, the Freedom team has never let me take my eye off the prize; each stride along this journey taken with their genuine support and supervision.

To say I recommend the services offered by Pete and the team is an understatement. To me, I will be forever humbled by the ability to move around with ease I thought lost. My freedom has been restored; and at the very least I can now run around to tell everyone just that.

Join me and the team as soon as you have the chance – freedom is just one visit away