How to stop sugar cravings

How to stop sugar cravings…….

We all crave sugar, some more than most.

Its unfair, the more sugary foods we consume, the more we crave them.

The thing is its NOT you with the sweet tooth that needs feeding, it’s all the sugary eating gut bacteria living and multiplying with every bite of chocolate you take.

That’s right, we aren’t craving the sugar, it’s the bacteria in our gut thats craving it.

The good news is its fixable.

To keep it simple we can say there are 2 types of bacteria living in our gut. The bad bacteria that survives on all sugar and junk food that causes ill health and the good bacteria that survives on healthy food that provides us with good health.

Everytime we eat processed food these bad bacterias multiply, and in turn crave more processed food. And so on and so on.

So, its not us with sugar cravings it’s the bad bacteria wanting to be fed, making us feel guilty evreytime we reach for a bag of crisps.

There is a solution!

We can stop the sugar cravings and become healthier in the process.

By building up the healthy Bacteria and letting them multiply, the sugar cravings will stop.

This process takes a couple of weeks and a dose of will power.

As your healthy gut bacteria increases so will your craving for healthy food. In turn as your unhealthy bacteria dies off so will your cravings for sugary food.

Everyday during this process it gets easier and you become stronger.

So you see its not you with sugar cravings, its the bad bacteria living in your gut.


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