Freedom Freestyle Technique

In this Freedom Technique video Nathalia takes us through the Freestyle swimming technique.

FREESTYLE The body is in a prone position with the head raised slightly with the hips and legs just under the surface.

The common term for the freestyle kick is the flutter kick, as the feet appear to flutter at the surface. The legs should be relaxed, with the movement beginning at the top of the legs.

The freestyle arm action is made up of a series of components. The components are listed here:

Entry: The hand entry into the water must be smooth, with a relatively high elbow and a raised wrist, the fingers and the hand entering the water first.

Catch: The catch is made following the entry of the hand. The catch is the initial part of the pull and is performed with the wrist slightly flexed.

Pull: At the completion of the catch, the elbows have begun to flex and the hand begins a downward and outward pathway – downsweep.

Push: The push phase commences at the end of the insweep. This is approximately under the student’s chest. The hand moves backward, outward and upward. The pressure created by this action propels the body forward.

Recovery: The desire arm recovery is with a high elbow action initiated by a roll of the shoulder, with the hand passing close to the side of the body.