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What happens when you come across someone who is doing good work in the community? Not just good work, work that is saving lives and caring for the ill, a person who has devoted her life to make the world a better place and reduce suffering.

And what do you do when you have a connection with this person? You help them. You help someone who is helping others.

This person is Sister Victoire of Madagascar.

Freedom Fitness started a Charity – The Freedom Charity.
The charity is like an event fundraiser;

  • The Freedom 24hr Fast – Raised over $3,000
  • The Freedom 24hr Swim – Raised over $3,500
  • Freedom Yoga in The Park – Raised $200 so far ($10 per person each month)
  • Freedom Ride – Raised $190 so far ($10 per person each month)

As new ideas come up they will be added to the list. All funds raised go directly to Sister Victoire in Madagascar. There are no administration costs involved.

Freedom Charity is the delivery platform raising and sending money to Sister Victoire of Madagascar.

We thank everyone who has supported, competed, donated, embraced and sacrificed something in their lives to help and raise money for Freedom Charity.

Below are some photos sent over by Stephanie in Madagascar of the work Sister Victoire is doing.

WARNING!!! Some of these pictures can be confronting.