Freedom Adventure – Mt Remarkable

One day, Pete had an idea: to incorporate travel with the Freedom Fitness clients and venture to a remote part of South Australia to climb a mountain.

After discussing the idea with the Freedom staff, Freedom Adventures was born with Mt Remarkable being the first of the many adventures to be conquered.

A date was chosen and in no time all the seats were taken up by enthusiastic clients.

With a fresh cup of coffee and  one of Silvia’s zucchini slices for breakfast everyone was ready to start the adventure.

The journey took 3.5hrs which included a pit stop in Dublin for Stephanie to administer some emergency acupuncture for Shane’s sinuses. There was plenty of laughter on the trip and with DJ Steph on Spotify everyone had fun.

Standing at the foot of Mt Remarkable with backpacks full of supplies, the Freedom Adventure team were ready to go.

Zina led the way to the summit. Stopping every few kms for hydration we all breathed in the most spectacular views and embraced the serenity of the remote Australian outback and each others company. With a good rhythm and smooth walk everyone made it to the top.

We regrouped for a well deserved rest. A good time to recharge and reflect on the walk and on life itself.

With Stephanie leading the way, Zina in the middle and Pete at the end, everyone tackled the descent.

The rocky trail back was challenging as everyone was getting tired from a long but most enjoyable adventure.

As we reached the bottom of the mountain, Stephanie organised a picturesque spot under a tree ready for the yoga class. With Mt Remarkable as a backdrop and some meditative yoga everyone had time to reflect and stretch into a peaceful state. It was a beautiful and relaxing session in an amazing setting.

With an abundance of catered food Zina made sure everyone was well fed. Then it was time for the bus trip home.

The drive back was relaxing, with everyone exhausted and  sharing their experiences.

Danny had taken over entertainment and with a stopover in Pt Wakefield for petrol and some of Tracy’s home-cooked treats we were back in the city by 6pm.

Finally it was time to go home and cherish the beautiful experience we all had.

Stay tuned for the next trip, this won’t be the last.