Freedom Adventure 8

There were a few nerves amongst the Freedom adventurers leading up to The Tree Climb.
These nerves were very much justified as our latest adventure had clients jumping from treetops, attached only by a harness. Sailing sometimes uncontrollably through the air, only to be stopped ungracefully using their feet –  Fred Flinstone style.
It all started at 8 am with everyone meeting at Freedom Fitness and walking to the tree park in the South Parklands.
After a group briefing, helmets were put on, harnesses were attached and everyone was pumped up ready for the tree obstacle course.
Climbing to the tops of the trees, each of us started by walking precariously along independent suspension bridges, swaying uncontrollably.
Relief was short-lived as the next section was all the more challenging. Standing on the edge of a platform, high in the trees, some adventurers needed encouragement (push) to keep moving.
Adrenalin was high, and confidence replaced fear as you could hear the cheers of individuals finishing the course.
A fully catered for lunch was served and enjoyed by all in the shade of the Parkland trees.
With excitement still running through everyone’s veins we all boarded the Freedom bus to Chambers Gully, a 10km loop trek through the Adelaide hills.
On a beautiful day with the sun shining, the adventure took us to a lofty lookout over the city. The perfect spot for some mindful meditation.
With the koalas watching over us we all ventured down along the ridge of the hill, encompassed by the most spectacular views.
The day ended with a glass of champagne and everyone sharing their individual favorite moments of their latest FREEDOM ADVENTURE.