Freedom Adventure 5


“At One with Nature”

An earlier start than usual, departing Freedom Fitness at 6am to capture the stunning sunrise over the Port River Dolphin Sanctuary. With coffees in hand it was time to begin our fifth Freedom Adventure!

The sun was creeping up, reflecting off the water to guide us into the Port River. A pod of dolphins welcomed the first kayaks. What a fantastic start to the day.

The team kayaked on the tranquil river for almost three hours, exploring mangroves and shipwrecks with playful dolphins swimming by, entertaining us throughout the morning.

After a chaotic, Zina-inspired race to the boat ramp, we completed the kayaking part of the day and bid our farewells to the dolphins.

It was then time to stretch our legs and venture along the river boardwalk, preparing to begin the yoga session.

Stephanie’s yoga and meditation session themed on gratitude. This gave everyone time to reflect on how lucky we were to be paddling with dolphins at sunrise amongst friends.

After the yoga session, and with Silvia’s zucchini slice as a light snack, we all boarded the bus and headed to Largs Beach.

An isolated path guided us to the beach where Zina led a water recovery
session. There seemed to be more laughter than recovery as everyone enjoyed the time to cool off and play around in the ocean.
An individually catered for lunch was served on the seaside picnic area. As always, we want everyone to have a most memorable Freedom Adventure.

We were very lucky to have our dear friend Peter Johnson, one of the owners of the Largs Pier Hotel, organise a table for 12 with cheese platters, coffees and some of South Australia’s best wine for all the adventurers. Thanks Pete.

Everyone was reluctant to leave as we chatted and reminisced about the day and how much fun was had.

The bus trip back to Freedom Fitness was joyous with everyone excited about the next adventure: THE FLEURIEU PENINSULA!