Freedom Adventure 4 – Deep Creek

There are a few things that make a good walk into a great walk:

  • Diverse landscapes
  • An abundance of wildlife
  • Dramatic coastal views
  • A waterfall
  • A collective bunch of fun adventurers

Freedom Adventure 4 had them all. Deep Creek Conservation Park supplied us with the foundation for the most wonderful day.

With a fresh coffee in hand and a 6:30am start, the Freedom adventurers headed south to Deep Creek for a five-hour trek. The sun rose as the bus ventured through the misty vineyards of Mclaren Vale.

We disembarked and kangaroos gathered in the early morning to welcome

us. We marched the short distance to our first stop, Tapanappa Lookout. Breakfast was served, elevated, overlooking the wild coast.

The first leg of the journey was the most challenging. Freedom Adventure lived up to its name. After navigating the initial steep, rocky hills, we were then confronted by another challenge – how to cross a flowing creek. Teamwork was the answer as everyone chipped in to get each member of the group across. The only casualties were a few wet socks.

The wind picked up as we ventured to the top of the valley. With the rolling creek on one side and the coast on the other we were spoilt for views. An echidna in the middle of the hike made for a timely stop for some hydration and snacks.

The next two hours had us journeying beneath tree canopies with more stunning views of the coast below. Being protected by the wind at the top of the valley made this section most enjoyable.

A gift was waiting for us at the bottom of the valley – a vigorously flowing waterfall. It provided us with a sheltered and scenic spot for our next hydration and snack break. A few ventured higher and climbed the rocks that surrounded the waterfall while the rest of us soaked up the sheer beauty of the surroundings.

After 20 minutes rest, and with a few reluctant adventurers wanting to stay longer, we trekked the last hour back to Tapanappa Lookout. As with all Freedom Adventures a yoga-style stretch and meditation session was embraced by all after the long walk.




A well-earned catered-for lunch was served. We ate overlooking the ocean and reflected on the day. A relatively quiet bus trip home gave everyone the chance to recharge and embrace the latest adventure.

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