Breaststroke Technique


BODY POSITION Should stand with the feet beside each other and slightly apart, the knee bent to allow the shoulders to be under the water. The arms extend forward in front of the shoulders and the chin rests on the water. Following a normal breath, the face is placed into the water until approximately one-third of the head is in the water, with the face looking forward and downward.

LEG ACTION They should bend the knees to allow the shoulders to be under the water. Arms should be stretched forward, shoulder-width apart, with the palms facing the bottom of the water. When the glide is performed well, the kicking action can be introduced. When one kick can be performed correctly, a sequence of kicks can be linked together: push off, glide, kick, glide, kick, glide, stand with feet together.

ARM ACTION It is important that the arms move simultaneously and that there is no pushing phase, except during the start and at the turns. The arm action may be divided into 3 distinct segments: • Catch and outsweep • Downsweep and insweep • recovery

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