Month: November 2019

Breaststroke Technique

BREASTSTROKE BODY POSITION Should stand with the feet beside each other and slightly apart, the knee bent to allow the shoulders to be under the water. The arms extend forward in front of the shoulders and the chin rests on the water. Following a normal breath, the face is placed into the water until approximately …

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Backstroke Technique

In this Freedom Technique video, Nathalia takes us through the Backstroke swimming technique. BACKSTROKE Body Position To a large extent, the depth of the head determines the position of the body. The ears should be just under the surface, eyes looking up and the body straight and relaxed. Leg Action: You must keep a continuous …

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Personal Training with Zina!

In this video, Zina coaches Euan through an advanced training session where each exercise is explained. If you would like to give them a ago please come see us at Freedom Fitness and we can take you through in more detail! Overhead Stability Squat Kick Through Lion Pistol Squat with TRX support