Backstroke Technique

In this Freedom Technique video, Nathalia takes us through the Backstroke swimming technique.

BACKSTROKE Body Position To a large extent, the depth of the head determines the position of the body. The ears should be just under the surface, eyes looking up and the body straight and relaxed.

Leg Action: You must keep a continuous kick action. The toes should make a splash on the surface, while the knees remain below.

Arm Action: The body should not be rigid in the water but rotate smoothly from side to side to assist the entry and recovery of the hands and arms.

The entry into the water is made by little finger first. Also, immediately following the entry, the hand rotates to face slightly downward from the vertical as the elbow begins to flex and pressure is applied to the palm of the hand.

The elbow continues to flex until it is bent to approximately a 90-degree angle at the end of the pulling action. Once the shoulder is level the hand, the palm begins a downward and outward motion until the hip passes the hand.

The back of the hand of the recovery arm is uppermost as the hand leaves the water. When the recovery arm reaches the vertical position, the palm faces outward, slightly ready for a smooth re-entry with the hand entering little-finger first.